Day-1 : What is programming and Basics of c programming.

Programming & C language

What is Programming?

  • Programming is communication with a system to perform a specific task
  • programming Constructs a menu of functions with libraries for achieving a particular set of instructions.

What are the types of programming?

1. System Programming

The Programming Languages used to communicate and manage system hardware

are called System Programming.

e.g. Operating System (Windows/ Mac os/Linux), Device Drivers

Language : C prog, C++, Java etc., Assembly Lang + Electronics

2. Application Programming

a. Desktop Application

              ->Standalone Application
              ->C programming, C++, Java, Vb, C# , javascript

b. Web Application


-> Html, CSS, JavaScript, J Query, Bootstrap, Asp, Jsp, Php

-> Technologies: Angular Js, Node Js

c. Database Applications

-> SQL Server, My SQL , Oracle, Db2, ... .. ., MS Access

-> SQL - Structured Query Language

d. Mobile Applications

-> Android / IOS 

-> Java, Kotlin

Linux Shell Script Programming, Swift, Object C, Perl, Ruby, R Programming, 

Python etc..

Structure of C Programming?


1. Header File

Header files are libraries of computer systems. Provide the Number of function definitions



Path : 




stdio.h: Input and output 

  printf(), scanf(), gets() etc

string.h: To manipulate String operations

  strupr(), strcmp(), strlen() etc.

math. h: complex evaluations

   pow(), sqrt(), floor(), ceil(),   etc.


2. Functions

Functions in c

->Functions are predefined tasks.

->Function collects instructions

void main()




void - keyword as function return type

main()- main() is the name of the function, () is used to receive arguments 

{}- the scope of function 

Note: All instructions in C programming should be terminated by a semicolon " ; "

Please Watch the YouTube Video For the Basics Of c Programming!

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